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Our Team

Ginny Delaitre

Founder and CEO

Ginny is a leading expert in UX Marketing with over ten years of experience. She is the founder and CEO of VDS and UXMI. Her strengths are user-centric campaigns, extensive user research, innovative thinking, and a deep understanding of marketing and technical complexities. She is also widely admitted for her leadership skills.


Content Writer

Rahim is a digital marketing specialist with a diverse background in non-profits, small businesses, news outlets, and sports companies. He excels in creating high-quality marketing content and has experience as a freelance digital marketer and the founder of The Unfortunate Truth. He is also a journalist and a TEDx speaker.


Graphic Designer

Betty is an experienced graphic designer with skills in creating impactful designs across various mediums. She brings a versatile skill set to VDS, including print and digital design, motion graphics, and website design. Her commitment to strategic creativity and attention to detail ensures that each project exceeds expectations.