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About VDS

Our Story

VDS was founded in 2021 by digital marketing expert Virginie (Ginny) Delaitre. With a background in interior design and experience in developing websites, apps, and marketing strategies across France and the U.S., Ginny created the concept of UX Marketing, hoping to reshape the digital marketing industry by emphasizing innovative, tailored solutions at every stage of customer interaction. Ginny’s unique approach has propelled VDS to become a leader in the digital marketing industry, equipping businesses with the tools to build meaningful customer connections, generate leads, and drive organic growth.

“Marketing shouldn’t just sell a product; it should also convey a story that resonates with the user’s experience. That’s the essence of UX Marketing,” Ginny said, who published some of their marketing tips in a book in 2023.

After three years, VDS is proud to have grown the digital marketing efforts of countless small businesses. Our customer-centric engagement model has continuously refined their marketing strategies, ensuring consistent and impactful results. These success stories are a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation, instilling confidence in our potential clients. By placing user experience at the heart of everything we do, we enable businesses to grow and forge meaningful connections with their customers.

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Value and Culture

At VDS, our culture is driven by a commitment to excellence and innovation in everything we do. We excel by deeply understanding user needs and behaviors, enabling us to craft customized strategies that create meaningful impact for businesses. Our success in digital marketing stems from our ability to adapt to the fast-evolving digital landscape, ensuring our clients stay ahead of the competition and excel in growing their business’ marketing efforts. We foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment where every team member’s contribution is valued and encouraged. 

VDS Values


Ensuring clarity and trust through open communication.


Constantly adopting new marketing headway.


Promoting teamwork for greater success.

Client-centric Solutions

Customizing strategies for our clients' specific needs.

Why Choose Us

Your Success is Our Mission 

Choose VDS for our dedicated commitment to your growth. Combining expert knowledge with innovative UX strategies, we deliver digital marketing solutions that reach audiences of new heights, generate leads, and drive optimal engagement. 

Discover the VDS difference. Schedule an introductory meeting to explore our innovative, personalized marketing solutions designed to grow your business to new heights.