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Importance of Commitment and Consistency in UX Marketing

In this article, we will explore UX Marketing strategies used by the renowned language learning platform, Duolingo. Our focus will be on how Duolingo effectively utilizes commitment and consistency...

UX Marketing: An Ongoing Strategy

While traditional marketing can be divided into one-time campaigns, it’s almost always impossible to obtain results with UX Marketing if it is not ongoing. The reason is that UX...

UX Marketing: Where Every Customer Journey Begins

It is common to think about User Experience (UX) for product development. However, it is only sometimes attached to marketing strategies. UX Marketing changes this mindset by intertwining UX principles with...

The Role of User Research in UX Marketing

UX Marketing is a new concept blending user experience with marketing. It is led by Ginny at VDS Digital Agency who created UXMI (the UX Marketing Institute). This concept is transforming how...

How UX Marketing Can Help Your Startup?

UX Marketing is a new concept in the way companies and startups interact with their audience. Developed by Ginny at VDS Digital Agency, it's an innovative blend of user experience (UX)...

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